Trees to Plant: Easy Maintenance Tree Planting Trees to Plant: Easy Maintenance  Planting Trees: Landscaping Three Easy Maintenance Trees to Plant Low maintenance trees are very popular.  A few of these trees are not only low maintenance trees but grow to be big and beautiful.  They are the Red Maple, Amur Maple and the European Hornbeam. Red Maple The North American Red Maple tree is a very popular and beautiful tree to plant.   They have a beautiful red color and a rounded crown at full maturity.  Their flowers and leaves grow in dense groups that bring the tree to life when in full bloom.  Once fully matured, the Red Maple needs little to no maintenance. Amur Maples The Amur Maple tree is a slower growing tree that is easily maintained once planted in a spacious outdoor area.  Amur Maples are superb shade trees as they grow wide and large.  Their fall leaves are brilliantly colorful.  Little pruning is necessary due to their slow maturity process.  They are also a very sturdy tree in the majority of weather conditions. European Hornbeam The European Hornbeam tree is well known for its drastic changes in leaf color.  In the spring and summer it is adorned with leaves of a dark lush green.  Come fall time, the leaves transform into a brilliant yellow.  This magnificent color alteration is what nominates the European Hornbeam tree as one of the top three most desired low maintenance trees to plant.